Walkabout Park

Walkabout Park's purpose is to preserve endangered species and cultural landscape, and to give everyone who visits us, and others too, the opportunity to learn what they can do to help preserve our natural and cultural heritage.

What is happening on 8th Feb 2014?
3pm to 9pm
Wetlands not Wastelands Festival

Great for the whole family. Join us to help save Walkabout Park and everything we stand for from a sand quarry right up to our fenceline!

Our endangered species and cultural landscape are under immediate threat from the recently approved new Rocla sand quarry next door to Walkabout Park, as well as the looming, although not quite as immediate, threat of fracking for coal seam gas on "The Mountain".

Read on to see what's in store...
Animal Encounters

Our rangers will introduce you to the magnificent animals that we are trying to protect. Throughout the afternoon and evening, you will get to meet all kinds of wonderful creatures!

The Ganang Spirit Dancers

The Ganang Spirit Dancers will perform traditional indigenous dance and play the didgeridoo. Walkabout Park is home ground for this wonderful local group of child Aboriginal dancers. Here they are part of the family, perfect their dance moves by watching the wildlife,  and perform for visitors to give them a greater appreciation of Australia's rich Aboriginal culture and what it is that we are trying to preserve.

Conservation Update

Conservation groups will be on hand to tell you more about what is going on on, as well as what is planned for, the area we call the Central Coast Hinterland. Extraction industry including sand quarrying is here already. Coal seam gas extraction exploration licenses are already in place. These put everything we stand for in peril.

Local Musicians

Many of our wonderful local musicians share the same goals as we do - to protect our wildlife and cultural heritage and, critically, the water on which all life depends. They will be at Walkabout Park on the 8th to help tell the story. All plants and animals must have water in order to survive. And remember, people are animals too and there are no jobs on a dead planet! Despite our complicit stupidity as a species at times, our goal is to save ALL animals including ourselves.

Fractured Country

An unconventional invasion. This amazing documentary will be playing in a separate area througout the evening. It is a powerful and compelling short movie about communities facing fracking, coal seam gas exploration and extraction. These so-called 'developments' have pushed communities just like ours to local extinction. What makes this a great story, though, is that people are successfully fighting back. It IS possible to save our Land.

Ladybug Express Puppet Theatre

"And the moral of the story is..." There's nothing like the old traditions of story telling with puppets to get us laughing and learning about life and wildlife.

Bring a Picnic

Remember to bring any food in "Zoe-the-Kangaroo-proof" clip lock containers. Our animals can open zips so don't bring food in bags even if they do zip closed. And, of course, there will be the usual sausage sizzle.

Fighting Fund

There is a lot of very expensive work ahead of us to save Walkabout Park, and the ability for us to continue our conservation work in the Calga, Mangrove Mountain and Peats Ridge area. The biggest cost looming is that of our Land & Environment Court Merit Appeal against the recent approval of the new Rocla sand quarry next door to Walkabout Park.

Entry Price

All proceeds are going to the Fighting Fund which will be used to protect this area from negligent and wilful destruction. We have waived the normal Walkabout Park gate entry price ($24 for adults, $62 for families) and ask, instead, that you donate what you can afford for your ticket. We've suggested $15 for individuals and $25 for families, but if you can afford less (or more) we will gratefully accept it. We want as many people as possible to be able to join us, and we don't want the cost of entry to keep some people away.

Time & Parking

3pm to 9pm. Please follow the instructions of our parking marshalls. They are there to help you to get a safe and legal parking spot.



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